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General Awareness Quiz for IAS , IPS, RAS, RAS Pre and RPSC Exams

1. An account holder draws a cheque on a?General Awarneess Quiz
a) Banker of the Payee
b) Banker of the Drawee
c) Banker of the Drawer
d) Banker of the Endorsee
e) None of the above

2. The Bank should comply and intimate the compliance of Award to Ombudsman?
a) Within Two Months
b) Within 3 months
c) Within one month
d) Within one year
e) None

3. Capital adequacy is worked out based on?
a) Total demand and time liabi-lities
b) Net demand and time assets
c) Risk weighted assets
d) Risk weighted liabilities
e) None of the above

4. Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) can be maintained in the follow ing ways?
a) Cash
b)  Gold
c) Unencumbered approved se- curities
d) All of these
e) None of the above

5. What was the deposits criteria of 14 Banks nationalized on 19th July 1969?
a) Rs.1000 Crore
b) Rs. 500 Crore
c) Rs. 100 Crore
d) Rs. 50 Crore
e) None of the above

6. What are the features of sele-ctive credit control?
a) They distinguish between ess- ential and non-essential uses of Bank credit
b) Only non-essential uses are brought under the scope of Credit Bank controls
c) They effect not only the lenders but also the borrowers
d) All the above
e) None of the above

7. Which of the following are the targets for different categories of priority sector?
a) Overall target 40% of net Bank credit
b) Agriculture loans (direct and indirect) 18%
c) Priority sector target for foreign Banks is 32%
d) All the above
e) None of the above

8. Benefits in core Banking is ?
a) Reliable centralised data recovery
b) Data warehousing and data mining technologies
c) Integrated customer centric services
d) None
e) All the above

9. Cheque truncation can be done by?
a) Using MICR data
b) Sending cheque by speed post
c) Using image processing
d) A&C
e) None of the above

10.Bank rate is decided by?
a) Indian bank association
b) Individual commercial bank
c) Finance ministry
d) Any one of the above can decide
e) None of the above

11. What is nomination?
a) A facility given to depositors by the Government
b) It confers a right to the nomi-nee to receive payment of a deposit after death of de- positors
c) It is a process of appointing legal heir by the depositors
d) It is a part of will on behalf of a depositor
e) None of the above

12. BFS- Board for Financial Supervision constituted in 1994 by RBI to undertake consoli-dated supervision of?
a) Commercial Banks
b) Financial Institutions
c) Non Banking Finance Companies
d) None of the above
e) All the above

13. ‘One Family one Bank’ is the tagline of which Bank?
a) Bank of India
b) Indian Bank
c) Bank of Maharastra
d) Union Bank of India
e) None of the above

14. Research Institutions set up by Reserve Bank of India are?
a) IDRBT (Institute for Deve- lopment and Research in Ban- king Technology), Hyderabad
b) IGIDR(Indira Gandhi Insti- tute of Development Resea-rch), Mumbai
c) NIBM (National Institute of Bank Management), Pune
d) Only a & b
e) All the above

15.Who is the Chairman of the Technical Committee formed to make a study on improve- ment in Mobile Banking:
a) Bimal Jalan
b) Rahuram Rajan
c) B Sambamurthy
d) Pulak Kumar Sinha
e) None of the above

1) c
2) c
3) c
4) d
5) d
6) d
7) d
8) e
9) d
10) e
11) b
12) e
13) c
14) e
15) c


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